Safe Dog Field

What's the point of a Secure Dog Field?

A few years ago I might've said the same thing. Then in September 2014 whilst living in West Sussex we adopted our Saluki Tia from Dorset Dog Rescue.

Whilst this beautiful girl was very dog aware, she was petrified of humans (men in particular) and it took us a long time to gain her trust. When she eventually decided we were the people who kept her safe, the next step was to find places we could let our lady run - being a typical Saluki, recall is not a strong point!


Thanks to the lovely ladies at Alphapet our local vet, we were introduced to Downsview Park.

Downsview Park is a fully enclosed safe field where we could let our girl run free with her sisters, and with her friends, and watch her develop and enjoy life more and more. Yes we tried to use the safe dog friendly environment to improve her recall - and no, it had little effect - but we created lots of happy memories watching our dogs run and play without worrying.

Huntly Dog Field

Jump forward to May 2016, and we find ourselves in the middle of a peaceful Scottish valley near Huntly as the proud new owners of Little Beggshill and Beggshill Bothy. Yes the Bothy was an established self catering holiday home, but we wanted to put our own stamp on things. Knowing how hard it can be to find holiday homes that cater for multiple dogs, plus the importance of keeping dogs safe, we decided to emulate Downsview Park and invest in developing the 1 acre paddock into a secure dog field. Being more than 600 miles away, we knew Lynn at Downsview would take it as a compliment!

Tall fences were built complete with deer faencing not only to keep the dogs in, but to keep other wildlife (of which there is a multitude!) out. The land was levelled, mown and proudly named as our Dog Paddock.

Dog Paddock to Rent

Now our dog paddock can be used by all our Bothy guests, or hired out by local visitors to let their dogs run free knowing they are safe. The safe dog field is located just 2 miles off the A96, a few minutes north of Huntly.


Multiple dogs are welcome to come and play - or practise recall - for a charge of £5 per hour, £1 of which is donated to Give a Greyhound a Home.

Toys are provided. All we ask is you pick up after your dogs, ensure they are supervised at all times, and gates are always shut.

If you would like to rent our safe dog field, just call us on 01466 740363, email or use our Contact Form.